2023 Legislative Session a Success for Counties

3 Apr 2023, by Seth Grigg Share :

With the 2023 Legislative Session largely in the rearview mirror, counties across the state will enter 2024 in a stronger position. 2023 has been a good year for counties. Not only will county property taxpayers see real property tax relief, but counties will also receive funding enhancement for transportation and public defense services. Additionally, the next year will mark a historical shift in how indigent public defense services are provided across the state.

Below is a list of IAC’s major accomplishments this past session:

  • Secured an additional $41 million in ongoing transportation funding for counties, cities, and highway districts,
  • Secured $100 million in local strategic initiative grants for local transportation projects,
  • Secured an additional $200 million in local bridge replacement funding,
  • Secured an additional $2 million in state funding for county public defense in 2024,
  • Led efforts to grant county commissioners the authority to set a local administrative fee for processing vehicle titles,
  • Collaborated with legislators on a package that will increase access to the circuit breaker program and provide an estimated $900 million in property tax relief over the next five years (relief could be as high as $1.3 billion if surplus general funds are available),
  • Codified caps on jail medical expenses, and
  • Collaborated with legislators and the Governor’s Office on a transition to a regional, state based indigent public defense delivery system.

IAC’s success this year is due in large part to the efforts of our membership who took the time to reach out to their legislators and advocate for policies that benefit county government and county taxpayers. I want to thank IAC’s Legislative Committee as well as our members that traveled to Boise throughout the session to meet with legislators, testify before legislative committees, and shepherd IAC and affiliate priorities through the legislative process. We could not do the work of the association without you!

IAC will be touring the state in May as part of our County Officials Institute (COI) to provide a full report to the membership on the 2023 Legislative Session as well as provide county budget training. Please take a moment to review the agenda and sign up to attend. It is an absolute must-attend meeting to stay up to date on recent law changes and to gain a deeper understanding of the county budget process. To learn more about IAC’s upcoming Spring County Officials Institute session and to register, please click this link. Not sure if you’ve already registered? Click here to find out if you’re on the attendee list.