Counties on the Clock to Sign Off on Idaho Opioid Settlement Intrastate Allocation Agreement

5 Nov 2021, by Seth Grigg Share :

Over the last several years, the State of Idaho, 18 counties, and five cities have been involved in litigation against opioid manufacturers and distributors. The litigants recently announced a settlement agreement which will result in up to $120 million in funds being allocated to the state, counties, eligible cities, and public health districts.

The total settlement amount is contingent upon the number of eligible jurisdictions signing on to the settlement. If all counties and eligible cities agree to the settlement, Idaho will receive the full $120 million. The settlement amount will be reduced if eligible entities choose not to participate. The settlement agreement has been negotiated with opioid manufacturers and distributors with the aim of encouraging all eligible jurisdictions to sign on to the agreement. Any of the 26 counties that have yet to sign on are still eligible to receive their share of the settlement by signing on before the late December deadline.

If all eligible entities agree to the settlement, counties in Idaho will receive approximately $29.6 million in settlement funds. Health districts will receive an additional $19.2 million. The remaining local allocation will be shared among cities with a population above 10,000. Settlement funds can be used for any of the following uses:

  • Treatment of opioid use disorder
  • Support for people in treatment and recovery
  • Address the needs of criminal justice involved persons 
  • Address the needs of pregnant or parenting women and their families
  • Prevention of over prescribing and over dispensing of opioids
  • Prevention of opioid misuse
  • Prevention of overdose deaths
  • Education and support of first responders related to opioids and fentanyl
  • Opioid research

A full description of allowed uses of opioid settlement money can be found here:

Counties have until late December to agree to the settlement. IAC will be working with litigating counties to distribute additional settlement information to all non litigating counties, including the forms necessary to participate in the settlement and estimated settlement amounts for each county and health district. It is important to note that even if your county is not interested in receiving settlement funds, it should sign the settlement and designate its funds to your local public health district. Stay tuned to your inbox as the items will be emailed soon. Don’t hesitate to contact IAC for additional information.