IAC Announces 2022 Scholarship Recipients

30 Jun 2022, by Jessica Roth Share :

The Idaho Association of Counties (IAC) has named the 2022 recipients of the IAC Scholarship. After a competitive review process, eight students from across the state of Idaho were selected from a pool of 52 applicants to each receive a $1,000 scholarship from the IAC Scholarship Fund.

Award Recipients:

-Hannah Griffin, Sophomore, North Idaho College, District 1;

-Samuel Grant, Senior, Moscow High School, District 2;

-Ashlyn Creech, Senior, New Plymouth High School, District 3;

-Hazel Fuqua, Senior, Wendell High School, District 4;

-Braxton Marlatt, Senior, Blackfoot High School, District 5;

-Hannah Burrell, Senior, Madison Senior High School, District 6;

-Derek Christensen, Freshman, University of Utah, District 5, Bob MacKenzie Memorial Scholarship; and

-Caleb Hampton, Senior, Mackay High School, District 6, Bob MacKenzie Memorial Scholarship.

This year’s selection of winners was unique as there are typically seven award recipients; six of which are granted by district and the seventh receiving the Bob MacKenzie Memorial Scholarship from the IAC Scholarship Fund.

For the first time in the history of the IAC Scholarship Fund, there was a tie for the Bob MacKenzie Memorial Scholarship. It was brought to the attention of IAC’s Board of Directors, who ultimately decided that both applicants were deserving of the award. Both Christensen and Hampton will receive the full amount of the Bob MacKenzie Memorial Scholarship.

Since the IAC Scholarship Fund’s implementation in 2003, 143 individual scholarships have been award to recipients across Idaho. The scholarship is available to the children of county employees and to the children or grandchildren of county elected officials.

The scholarship is funded by county elected officials and employees who make annual contributions through personal donations, auctions, and additional fundraising efforts. The extraordinary efforts and generosity of county elected officials, county employees, and corporate sponsors has made the IAC Scholarship Fund a success for almost two decades, and it will continue to serve as a resource for Idaho students.

Learn more details about how you can donate to the IAC Scholarship Fund or apply for the scholarship here.

Hannah Griffin, District 1
Samuel Grant, District 2
Ashlyn Creech, District 3
Hazel Fuqua, District 4

Braxton Marlatt, District 5
Hannah Burrell, District 6
Derek Christensen, Bob MacKenzie 1
Caleb Hampton, Bob MacKenzie 2