Submitting Your Proposed Legislative Resolutions for 2024

24 May 2023, by Sara Westbrook Share :

With summer affiliate conferences just around the corner, here’s a quick reminder about the process to submit a proposed resolution to IAC for consideration for inclusion in the 2024 resolution packet. You can access the 2024 Resolution Template here. The first page of the template includes all of IAC’s guidelines for proposed resolutions. The second page is the template members need to use when submitting a resolution.

While the guidelines do not require a member to go through their affiliate association in order for the resolution to be considered during the IAC Annual Conference, it is highly recommended that members share and discuss resolutions with their affiliate groups. This provides opportunities for constructive feedback, brainstorming, and often leads to a better product. 

Here are the guidelines for submitting a resolution:

Legislative resolutions are proposals that express the opinion of IAC in support of a state law change for which legislation is necessary. To be incorporated in the IAC Legislative Package, legislative resolutions (using the form on page 2) must be submitted electronically to the IAC office no later than September 1 of each year and meet the following criteria:

  1. Focus on a single issue within the general realm and scope of county government; and
  2. Affect more than one county; and
  3. Affect more than one elected office or department; and
  4. Affect taxation, spending, revenue generation authority, or create significant efficiencies or cost savings; and
  5. Be politically feasible.

All proposed legislative resolutions must include the following information:

  1. List the county offices and/or departments affected;
  2. List the Idaho statutes affected;
  3. Clearly state the arguments supporting the resolution including relevant background information;
  4. State the fiscal impact of the resolution on counties;
  5. Identify the sponsor;
  6. List other stakeholders who will be affected by the resolution and the nature of the impact.

All legislative resolutions received electronically by the IAC office before September 1 shall be assigned a resolution number based on the order of submission and shall be placed on the agendas of the assigned standing or steering committees.

The sponsor, or their designee, shall present the resolution to the assigned steering committee. The assigned steering committee shall evaluate the resolution and submit its recommendation to the IAC Legislative Committee for final recommendation to the membership. Legislative resolutions that fail to meet the criteria listed above will not be considered by the IAC Legislative Committee.

Please contact IAC Director of Government Affairs Sara Westbrook ( with any questions regarding submission.