Boise State Releases 2023 Annual Public Policy Survey

22 Jan 2023, by Sara Westbrook Share :

Last week, Boise State University released the 2023 Idaho Public Policy Survey. This statewide annual survey focuses on various issues of particular importance to counties, including Taxes and Budget, Growth Housing & Economics, and Crime. The survey includes a dashboard that allows for a deeper dive into the data, including regionally capturing the data.

Some key findings include growth and property taxes continuing to be significant concerns for most Idahoans. Fifty-six percent of Idahoans surveyed believe that property taxes are too high. One question focused on what Idahoans would like to see the state do with the latest budget surplus. The number one answer was to give tax relief to Idahoans (34.7%). K-12 funding came in second (27.3%), with workforce and affordable housing coming in third (23.7%).

Questions regarding which type of tax relief Idahoans would most like to see showed a strong preference for property tax relief. This is the third year this question has been on the survey, and the desire for property tax relief is the highest it has ever been, with 40.5% preferring property tax relief as opposed to 31.1% for income tax relief and 22.3% in favor of sales tax relief.

To check out the full results of the study, click here.