IAC Priority Introduced & Fixes to H292 Proposed

12 Feb 2024, by Sara Westbrook Share :

New bill introductions were flying fast and furious this past week. Included in the flurry was an IAC priority, House Bill 530, which, if passed, would allow the Board of County Commissioners to increase the e911 fee up to $3.00. Representative Dustin Manwaring is the sponsor of this bill. Our goal is to get a full hearing for the bill by next week. Please reach out to the House Local Government Committee to express your support for House Bill 530.

Another new bill that we saw introduced late last week in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee was House Bill 521. This legislation is sponsored by Speaker Mike Moyle, Revenue and Taxation Chair Jason Monks, and Local Government and Taxation Chair Doug Ricks. The main changes that affect counties are as follows:

– Updates how H292 is administered to make it easier for county treasurers to administer

    • Eliminates Additional Tax Relief Fund (ATR) that was created in H292
    • Provides additional funding to the School District Facilities Fund

– Provides $3M for the state to administer child protective cases

– Eliminates the August election date