From the Executive Director: Week of January 16, 2023

17 Jan 2023, by Seth Grigg Share :

Legislative Session Off to Slow Start

The 2023 Legislative Session is off to a slow start. This shouldn’t be a surprise given the massive turnover, changes in committee chairs, and changes in leadership. To date, only six legislative bills have been introduced. The Legislature has also been slow to take up rules while committees like House Revenue and Taxation have chosen to begin the session with learning sessions, hearing from stakeholders to better understand their responsibilities.

As the session kicks off, there are a number of resources for county officials to be aware of. The first is IAC’s website ( On our website you can find bill information on legislation impacting counties through our legislative bill tracker, information about and materials for our IAC Legislative Committee, and additional resources relevant to counties.

The second key resource is the Idaho Legislature’s website. Here you can find information related to state budgets, committee calendars and agendas, bill information, and statutes.

A third important resource is Idaho Public Television’s Idaho In Session website which allows viewers to live stream legislative committee meetings, floor proceedings, and other legislative meetings.

A fourth important resource is the Idaho State Tax Commission’s Reports and Statistics website. Here you can find monthly and annual revenue information for state revenues, property taxes, revenue sharing, and other important revenue information.

Lastly, there are a number of media outlets offering regular coverage of the Idaho Legislature including the Idaho Capital Sun, Idaho Press’s Eye On Boise, Idaho Reports, and Idaho Ed News.

Stay tuned to the weekly IAC Legislative Bulletin as the legislative session unfolds for up-to-date information on legislation impacting counties.