Purpose and Responsibilities

The Idaho Association of Counties (IAC), formed in 1976, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan member service organization dedicated to the improvement of county government. It was designed and incorporated by county elected officials to provide services, research, uniformity, and coordination among member counties, in order for the county elected officials to serve their constituents better.

IAC is funded annually by dues paid by member counties and revenues generated by IAC services. The constitution and bylaws of IAC provide that the management of the organization is vested in a Board of Directors, which appoints an executive director to assist and serve at the pleasure of the board. The executive director is responsible for the management of the affairs of IAC under general direction of the board. The officers of the board are elected at the IAC Annual Conference. Other directors are elected by the affiliate organizations and IAC districts. IAC is owned, organized, and operated by Idaho’s county governments.

Our Mission

IAC promotes county interests, encourages ethical behavior, advocates good public policy on behalf of Idaho counties, supports best practices, and provides education and training to assist Idaho county officials in the performance of public service.

Our Vision

Be the most trusted source for county government policy information and the leading source of knowledge for county officials.

Our Values

IAC conducts its affairs in a professional, accountable manner acting with the highest integrity. We are knowledgeable, resourceful and credible and adhere to these values at all times.

Articles of Incorporation

IAC’s Articles of Incorporation spell out its purpose:

  • To associate the counties, county officials, and county officials’ association of the state of Idaho into an association to cooperatively promote the interests of county government in Idaho;
  • To coordinate the programs of member associations;
  • To submit reports and recommendations to the governor and the legislature;
  • To formulate standards and principles for guidance of county elected officials;
  • To encourage legislation and public support for county government;
  • To provide a center for collecting, compiling, and distributing information about county government in Idaho;
  • To improve the efficiency of county elected officials by developing programs to reduce the administrative and managerial concerns of the counties; and
  • To do any and all other things necessary to improve the operations of county elected officials and county government in general.

IAC’s Bylaws are reviewed every other year in even-numbered years by a subcommittee formed by the current IAC President. To view a copy of the current bylaws, click here.