What to Watch: Week of February 14

14 Feb 2022, by Sara Westbrook Share :

Behavioral Health & Transportation in Committees This Week

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee scheduled for 3:00 p.m. MST today will hold a print hearing on RS29526 related to Civil Commitments. The civil commitment proposal adjusts the responsibility for the costs for involuntary commitments. With HB316 from the last session, there were unintended cost shifts for court costs and transportation. IAC promised to fix this unintended shift. The proposal being introduced today would split costs into three areas:

1. the Department of Health and Welfare,

2. the Counties,

3. Chapter 35, Title 31. The Department of Health and Welfare will cover all Designated Examiners (Des) (to include witnesses), psych costs, post-commitment transportation, and their current post-commitment obligation. The Counties will cover all court costs and pre-commitment transportation. The medical costs will be covered by House Bill 316 implementation, pursuant to Chapter 35, Title 31.

Click here for the Senate Health & Welfare agenda and to find the link to watch the committee at 3:00 p.m. MST today.

The Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee (JFAC) is wrapping up budget hearings this week and will begin setting budgets soon. Tomorrow is scheduled to hear from the Idaho Transportation Department. We anticipate that Governor Little’s Leading Idaho Transportation recommendations will be included in this discussion. Once the JFAC agenda is released, it will be posted at this link.