IAC Steering Committees: What to Expect at 2022 Annual Conference

15 Sep 2022, by Sara Westbrook Share :

The upcoming IAC Annual Conference agenda is packed with quality content and the IAC committee agendas are no exception. If you did not sign up for a 2022 steering committee, that’s okay; IAC members are still welcome to attend all committee meetings. This year during the committee meetings, we will pass around a sign-up sheet for membership in the 2023 steering committees so IAC members can get a jumpstart on planning for next year.

Three of four steering committees will be discussing proposed legislative resolutions. The sponsor of each resolution should be prepared to speak to their resolution during the committee meetings. Here is a sneak peek of what to expect at each steering committee meeting:

Intergovernmental Affairs (IGA)

The IGA Committee will discuss 16 proposed legislative resolutions. Sponsors will present their resolution to the committee. The committee will then discuss whether to recommend the resolution to the IAC General Membership. A recommendation requires 2/3 majority of the committee members present for a resolution to move forward.

Justice & Public Safety (JPS)

JPS will kick-off with a public defense update and roundtable. The committee also plans to discuss the impacts of other relevant legislation passed during the 2022 Legislative Session.  Two proposed legislative resolutions are also up for discussion.

Public Lands

While the Public Lands Committee will not be considering any proposed legislative resolutions, they will have plenty to discuss from Wind Turbines to WOTUS. The committee will also welcome special guest Jonathan Shuffield from NACo to present on federal issues of note to the lands committee including PILT, SRS, and the Local Tribal Assistance Fund.

Transportation & Infrastructure (TRI)

The TRI Committee will also welcome some guest presenters. LHTAC Executive Administrator Laila Kral will give an update on the Leading Idaho Local Bridges Program ($200 million set aside for Off-System Bridges) administered by LHTAC as well as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Representative John Vander Woude will be present for a Broadband Roundtable Discussion.

Please contact IAC Policy Director Sara Westbrook (swestbrook@idcounties.org) with any questions.

If you haven’t registered to attend the conference yet, you can do so here.