Help Steer IAC Policies in the Right Direction: Join a Committee

25 Oct 2021, by Sara Westbrook Share :

It’s that time when county elected officials can choose to participate in IAC steering committees for the coming year. IAC members should have received an email with an invitation to sign up for up to two of the groups. Those currently serving on committees who would like to remain on theirs or select new ones should sign up again. Those who are interested in joining a committee for the first time can find detailed information about the steering committee process and the focus of each committee below.

The official steering committees of IAC:

  • Health & Human Services

  • Intergovernmental Affairs

  • Justice & Public Safety

  • Public Lands

  • Transportation

As set in the IAC Bylaws, IAC steering committees have the following responsibilities:

1. Create a committee mission statement to be reviewed biennially in even number years at the annual conference (We’ll be reviewing these in 2022.)

2. If committees choose to amend a committee mission statement, then the amended mission statement would be submitted to the membership for consideration and adoption.

3. Consider legislative resolutions germane to the committee and submit recommendation to the IAC Legislative Committee at the annual conference. If approved by the Legislative Committee, then submitted to membership (needs 2/3rd approval of members present).

4. Consider, at the chair’s discretion, other legislative policy proposals of interest to the committee.

5. Provide education and information focused on topics germane to the committee.

Getting involved with these committees is a great way to make an impact as an IAC member and provides an opportunity to help determine the policies of IAC. These committees also afford networking opportunities with other county elected officials who may be dealing with similar issues in their counties. Committees may also grant members unique experiences to interface with legislators, staff from the Governor’s Office and other state agencies as well as experts on specific issues relevant to that committee.

Learn more about the focus of each committee as well as the current chairs and vice chairs by visiting our committees page. You can also check out previous agendas from each committee to see past presenters and topics of discussion.

IAC Steering Committee membership only extends through one year, so be sure to sign up for up to two committees if you’re planning to participate as a committee member this coming year. If you have never signed up for a steering committee or perhaps it’s been a while, now is a great time to dive in, get engaged and make the most of your IAC membership. You can sign up here.