Interim Property Tax Committee Appointed

8 Jun 2020, by Sara Westbrook Share :

On Friday, June 5th the Legislative Council met for the first time since the end of the 2020 legislative session. During this meeting, the Legislative Council, made up of members of House and Senate leadership and members of the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee determined the number of members and membership from each legislative body for the Interim Property Tax committee. The newly appointed members are as follows:

  • Senator Jim Rice, Co-Chair
  • Senator Jim Guthrie
  • Senator Kelly Anthon
  • Senator Scott Grow
  • Senator Grant Burgoyne
  • Representative Jim Addis, Co-Chair
  • Representative Mike Moyle
  • Representative Jason Monks
  • Representative Rod Furniss
  • Representative Lauren Necochea
  • Representative John Vander Woude (Ad Hoc)

Non-Legislative members may also be appointed by the co-chairs of the committee. We have been told that the committee intends to appoint a county official as a non-voting member. We have not determined whether the co-chairs will choose on their own or whether they will take IAC recommendations into account.