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Next step in assuring a quality product is “User Acceptance Testing”

After “Stakeholder” and “End of PI” demos, the next opportunity to shape a DMV product is by participating in “User Acceptance Testing” (UAT).

The UAT process is hands-on testing of a software product by DMV subject matter experts and technical users. The feedback provided by UAT testers is critical in determining if the product will meet the needs of those using it in their daily activities. UAT testers are also essential in pointing out gaps in functionality or an unsatisfactory user experience. ITD needs your help in determining both the functionality and usability of GEM in meeting your customers’ requests.

Current UAT testing involves providing feedback on the software to issue driving credentials. Developers do not use the system in their daily activities and do not always recognize issues the DMV county partners can.

Every two weeks a new set of tests are written and delivered to our testers. It typically takes from 15 minutes to two hours to complete a test. Anyone that wants to participate is strongly encouraged to do so. Because ITD wants as many people to be able to participate in the UAT testing as possible, they are providing a couple different avenues for testing. You can add your name (email Rebecca or Kathy at the emails below) to the list of testers and they will send out a set of tests (3-5) to go through at your own pace at your workstation. ITD is also setting up sessions at Headquarters in the training room to allow people to come in and attend a facilitated testing session. Rebecca or Kathy will be on hand to help testers walk through their tests, answer questions, and gather immediate feedback.

Contact Rebecca Morris at 208-334-4495 or Kathy Willhite at 208-332-2031  if you can help with user acceptance testing.

For more information, view the DMV Go County Bulletin or visit ITD’s website at