IAC Legislative Committee Meets in Person this Valentine’s Day

14 Feb 2024, by Gracee Gorrell Share :

The IAC Legislative Committee met on February 14th in downtown Boise. Those who could not attend in person joined virtually. 

The meeting started off by approving February 7th minutes and was followed by an overview of IAC Priorities including: IGA-05 Hospital Property Tax Exemption, IGA-07 Area of Impact Agreements, JPS-02 Essential Emergency Medical Services, and H0530 Emergency Communications Fee. There was also a focus on IAC Policies which touched on H0406 Fentanyl Mandatory Minimums and County Travel & Convention Tax.

The Legislative Committee has several vital duties, some of which include examining and discussing proposed bills and deciding if the association supports or opposes them. Some bills may seem straightforward at first glance, but according to Twin Falls County Commissioner Don Hall, who chairs the committee, that’s not always the case.

 “The devil is in the details. Some folks may not understand why we’d oppose a bill that at surface level would appear to benefit counties,” said Hall. “Once our committee combs through each line of proposed legislation, we are able to uncover the 10 percent of the bill that makes it detrimental to counties, and that’s when we take a stance.”

The Legislative Committee meets every Wednesday alternating in-person and virtual formats. The committee focuses on upcoming and current legislative priorities. View members of IAC’s Legislative Committee here.

See photos from the committee meeting on IAC’s Flickr account.