Idaho Broadband Fund Grants

13 Jan 2023, by Jessica Roth Share :

On January 11, 2023, the Idaho Broadband Advisory Board made a motion to organize project submissions based on the 4 elements identified below. Applicants now have the opportunity to clarify this information within their proposal if it is not already clearly stated. Information is being requested based on the Board’s motion to better understand and clarify project proposals. Participation in this opportunity to clarify is not required for a previously submitted proposal to be considered for funding.

The Idaho Department of Commerce has included questions and guidance below to assist applicants in this clarification process.

1. How much of the project’s match is cash?

2. Please provide a timeline for the project described in the proposal, including the start date and completion date.

3. Please see the below definition of “middle-mile infrastructure.” Does the project described in the proposal qualify as middle-mile? YES or NO.

“Middle mile infrastructure”
(A) means any broadband infrastructure that does not connect directly to an end-user location, including an anchor institution*; and
(B) includes—
(i) leased dark fiber, interoffice transport, backhaul, carrier-neutral internet exchange facilities, carrier-neutral submarine cable landing stations, undersea cables, transport connectivity to data centers, special access transport, and other similar services; and
(ii) wired or private wireless broadband infrastructure, including microwave capacity, radio tower access, and other services or infrastructure for a private wireless broadband network, such as towers, fiber, and microwave links. (see page 6 of the NTIA Middle-Mile NOFO)
*See “anchor institution” definition on page 5 of the NTIA Middle-Mile NOFO.

4. Does the project described in the proposal qualify for funding under either ARPA (Capital Projects Fund) or IIJA (BEAD Program)?

If an applicant chooses to provide clarifying information to the Idaho Broadband Advisory Board, please submit the information via email to by 12:00P.M. (MST) on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. Please use the following description in the subject line of the email: “RE: (Applicant Name) (Project Name and/or Location).”Webinar: The Fixed Service Availability Data Challenge Process & Implications for Internet for All

For questions, please contact:

Ramón S. Hobdey-Sánchez, J.D. State Broadband Program Manager Idaho Department of Commerce

700 W. State St., Boise, Idaho 83702

Office: 208.287.3153

Email Ramón