Outreach and Engagement Needed on Two IAC Legislative Priorities 

18 Mar 2024, by Sara Westbrook Share :

While many things are beginning to wind down in the legislature, this week is an important week for IAC. We hope to see positive movement on two of the Idaho Association of Counties’ (IAC) legislative priorities, Area of Impact and EMS Sustainability. 

The Area of Impact legislation (Senate Bill 1403) will likely be heard in the House Local Government Committee this week– hopefully earlier in the week, than later. We encourage our members to reach out to the House Local Government Committee to express support for Senate Bill 1403 and explain why this bill is vital to your county. To find the list of legislators on the House Local Government Committee (and their contact information), please click here.

Senate Bill 1416, which creates an EMS Sustainability Fund, authorizes counties to coordinate reasonable coverage in their respective counties, and moves the EMS Bureau from the Department of Health and Welfare to the Office of Emergency Management, will likely be debated on the Senate floor on Tuesday, March 19th. We need your help to get this through the Senate. Please reach out to your senators and encourage EMS agencies to do the same to ask them to vote YES on Senate Bill 1416. Click here to find the contact information for your Senator.