State Treasurer Provides ‘Mini Vaults’ for Students

5 Nov 2019, by admin Share :

On Tuesday, Oct. 22, Boundary County was visited by the State of Idaho Treasurer, Julie Ellsworth. She presented almost 200 mini-vaults to the students and explained the importance of saving for the future.

“You are the first ones to see and receive these mini vaults,” Ellsworth told the fourth-and fifth-grade classes she visited.

Along with the vault they also received a Certificate of Vault Registration, and she congratulated the students for becoming part of Idaho’s history.

Ellsworth told students that Boundary County is a long way from Boise and this is why she wanted them to be the first, but if they are in Boise they need to stop by her office and she will show them the real vault.

The vault has been in the same location since the first phase of the construction of Idaho’s Capitol Building, Ellsworth said, noting that the capitol was actually built around the vault. The capitol was finished in 1912.

Being a teacher prior to becoming the state treasurer, Ellsworth had the ability and grace to answer all questions from the students — from where Idaho invests funds and if the cash was in the vault, to why she was wearing boots.

Ellsworth also shared information on Idaho’s unclaimed property and suggested that Boundary County business and residents have more than $420,000 in unclaimed property — a website to search would be:

By Glenda Poston, Boundary County Clerk