IAC Legislative Committee sets 2018 Legislative Priorities

25 Oct 2017, by admin Share :

Each year, IAC’s Legislative Committee sets the association’s state legislative priorities. These priorities, adopted with the input of policy committees and the membership at the IAC Annual Conference, help to guide IAC’s efforts throughout the year.

Fourteen resolutions were presented to IAC’s policy committees at the Annual Conference in Boise. Out of the fourteen resolutions presented in the policy committees, nine were supported and moved out of the policy committees. The remaining nine resolutions were reviewed by the IAC Legislative Committee and were recommended for adoption by the general membership. The membership reviewed each resolution and voted to support all nine resolutions.

On October 24, the IAC Legislative Committee met to establish IAC’s priorities for the 2018 legislative session. According to the IAC bylaws (Article VIII, Section 4, Subsection A), the Legislative Committee shall recommend a legislative package not to exceed ten legislative resolutions. Each resolution was discussed by the committee and it was determined that they would move forward on eight resolutions and voted to table one resolution until more information could be gathered.

2018 Legislative Priorities:

  • Allowing electronic legal publication as an alternative to newspaper publication (Idaho Code 60-106)
  • Early voting ballot security change for submittal of plan from once every election to once a year (Idaho Code 34-1013)
  • Qualifications of student election workers (Idaho Code 34-303)
  • Interest on delinquent taxes (Idaho Code 63-903(5))
  • Delinquent tax payments (Idaho Code 63-1002(2))
  • Newly acquired federal lands by conservation donation (Federal Legislation)
  • Justice Fund levy increase (Idaho Code 63-805)
  • Records retention for law enforcement digital media (Idaho Code 31-871)

Table for future discussion:

  • Tax intercept for indigent (Idaho Code 31-3510A)

The Legislative Committee’s next meeting will be on December 6 after the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho Conference in Boise. IAC’s Legislative Committee is made up of a chair, vice chair, six representatives from each IAC District, and a representative from each affiliate organization (assessor, clerk, commissioner, coroner, prosecuting attorney, sheriff, and treasurer).

For more information on IAC’s legislative priorities, please contact Teresa Baker (tbaker@idcounties.org) or Kelli Brassfield (kbrassfield@idcounties.org).