2016 Legislative Update

14 Mar 2016, by admin Share :

We are almost done with another legislative session. I wanted to bring you up to date with what the Legislative Committee has been working on both with our IAC resolutions, but also other items that may have impact on Idaho counties.

First the IAC resolution package for 2016:

  • Absentee Ballot Mailing Deadline: (S1274).  Has passed out of the Senate and on March 11 sent from the committee with a Do Pass and is now on it Second Reading.
  • Law Clerks as state employees (H492). The  passed out of House Jud & Rules.  Moyle doesn’t like it and other legislators have also voiced similar concerns. Moyle said that this is a bill that won’t go anywhere this year, but maybe in future years.
  • Community College deadlines(H527). This passed out of the House on 2/29 and was sent to the Senate and it came out of committee on 3/11 and is filed for the Third Reading.
  • Park Models – This has been set aside for an interim committee to work on this summer. RV industry and building officials were opposed to the bill.
  • Excess Proceeds (S1347). This came out of the House and is in the Senate and has been assigned to Rev & Tax Committee for a hearing.
  • LID appeal process (H467). The bill was printed but has not received a hearing.  Rep Moyle doesn’t like it and other legislators have also voiced similar concerns about taking away an appeal right of the locals.
  • Conservation easements and agreements. This didn’t even get a print hearing. The Farm Bureau was opposed to the bill.  Will try and get both IAC and IACA to work on this issue this summer or drop the idea.
  • Post Office Closure (SJM 105) passed the Senate, and is headed to House State Affairs.
  • Absentee ballot Mailing Deadline (S1274. This has passed out of the Senate and reported out of committee in the House with a Do Pass, in its Second Reading.

Other interesting bills:

  • Craters of the Moon – there was quite a bit of opposition by legislators and Commissioner Bernal withdrew the bill.
  • Public Defense (H504) – Came out of the House with only 2 in opposition. Passed out of committee in the Senate with a Do Pass and is in its Third Reading. This was a “we have to do something” bill and it will take years of tweaking. (yes, tweaking is a legal term)
  • AG Investigation (S1255) – This has passed out of the Senate and out of the House Committee with a Do Pass and is its Third Reading.
  • Use of Levies for Public Defense (S1361). Out of the Senate with no opposition and referred to Jud and Rules in the House.

I hope that you will refer to the IAC’s County Connection and use IAC’s Bill Tracker on a regular basis.  There you are able to see the bill, the progress the bill is making, the sponsor and a short synopsis of the purpose.  This is much different than the bill tracker we have had in the past.  This one can be sorted by type, bill number, and separate House bills from Senate bills.

From the Legislative Committee, Thank you for your assistance when called upon to help promote the county bills.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna D. Peterson

IAC Legislative Chair