CAT Board Elects Officers

26 Feb 2019, by admin Share :

Earlier this month, the Catastrophic Health Care Cost (CAT) Program Board held its organizational meeting during IAC’s Midwinter Legislative Conference. The following board members were elected as officers:

  • Chair: Roger Christensen, Bonneville County Commissioner
  • Vice Chair: Greg Johnson, Lewis County Commissioner
  • Secretary: Bill Lasley, Power County Commissioner

The CAT Board welcomed several new members this year. Joining the board are:

  • Dan McDonald, Bonner County Commissioner (Midterm 1 year)
  • Rick Visser, Ada County Commissioner (Midterm 1 year)
  • Kent McClellan, Minidok County Commissioner
  • Representative Steve Harris, District 21
  • Representative Mat Erpelding, District 19

The CAT Program is a program developed by IAC in 1984. Its purpose was to enable counties to pool their money for catastrophic medical indigent claims above $11,000. Beginning in 1994, the state assumed the financial responsibility for this program by paying for claims in excess of $11,000. Beginning in March 2010, IAC was contracted to perform administrative duties for the CAT Program. The CAT Board meets every 6-8 weeks or as needed to manage cases. Board members terms are for two years.