County Leadership Development: Bolster your Succession Plan

29 Jun 2021, by Kristin Cundiff Share :

As a county leader, you manage several priority-1 decisions, activities, and initiatives every day. Perhaps the most important is personnel development – working hard to make other existing leaders better and emerging leaders ready. As you conduct this work with existing and emerging leaders to make your county stronger, you deserve to have a program that is easily scalable to accommodate your workforce, a program that is non-disruptive to busy schedules, and cost effective so that you have an immediate return on investment. Your county’s succession plan is necessary to ensure the future success of your organization. We have that program for you: the NACo High Performance Leadership Academy, the 12-week, online leadership program led by General Colin Powell.

Participants have described it as “the most beneficial use of my time as it relates to leadership training,” “highly inspirational and reinvigorating,” and “a good to great opportunity!” that has “impacted my life immensely” and has been “a once in a lifetime” experience.

“This isn’t your run-of-the-mill leadership class.  The insights from global leaders as well as weekly break-out groups were invaluable.” – Director of Human Resources

“Whether formal leadership is a journey you are beginning or a journey you are already on, this course brings you back to the heart of leadership. It provides an opportunity to look at your roadmap, reflect on your attitude and mindset, remind you of the crucial aspects of leadership and equip you with frameworks and concepts to refine your competencies and increase your capacity to lead others successfully.” – Manager of Diversity, Training & Development

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