Access Idaho (Tyler Technologies) Upcoming Contract Changes

5 Feb 2024, by Gracee Gorrell Share :

By Chase Carlisle, ITS Enterprise Architect  

The State of Idaho’s decades-long contract with Access Idaho (Tyler Technologies) will be changing in the coming weeks.

Who is impacted:

– Any entity/office using Tyler Technologies (fka Access Idaho) payment services, website support/maintenance, and other services.

Here’s what’s changing:

– Credit card fees will be reduced from 3% to 2.5%

– Tyler Technologies will still be a contract option for credit card processing and other services.

– PayIt is now an additional contract option for government entities for website services and credit card transactions.

All of your existing agreements have been grandfathered with Tyler Technologies and services should remain exactly as you have them today. You will have a right to renegotiate specific additional terms you may have with Tyler Technologies related to credit card or convenience fees. You will also have the right to terminate service with a 30-day notice to Tyler Technologies. Tyler Technologies will be reaching out to each agency or office about your agreements over the next 90 days.

We received a lot of feedback from cities, counties, and agencies about this change. Feedback was clear that Tyler Technologies would remain an option and that we introduce new contract options for credit card and website services.

The new contract became effective Feb. 1.

If you have questions or need more information please reach out to Chris Carlisle, ITS Enterprise Architect, at 208.605.4041 or