Idaho Commission for Reapportionment Approves Congressional & Legislative District Maps

5 Nov 2021, by Jessica Roth Share :

The Idaho Commission for Reapportionment unanimously approved a new legislative district map and approved a new congressional district map on a 4-2 vote. If upheld, the maps will determine legislative and congressional districts for the 2022 primary election. A detailed legislative district map can be accessed by clicking here. The congressional district map can be accessed by clicking here.

The new congressional district map remains largely unchanged, with the boundary dividing Idaho’s two districts moving further west to Eagle Road. This places all of Boise in the Second Congressional District. Amazingly, there is a 0% population deviation between the two congressional districts.

The same cannot be said for the updated legislative district map which makes significant changes to existing legislative district boundaries.The map splits eights counties: Ada (3 county splits), Bannock (2), Bonner (1), Bonneville (1), Canyon (23), Kootenai (2), Nez Perce (1), and Twin Falls (1). While there remain a few large geographic districts, the geographic size of legislative districts will be smaller under the new map. The largest population deviation is -3.77% in District 30 and 2.02% in District 1, representing a total deviation of 5.79%, well within the 10% allowed by law.