IAC Priorities Need Member Engagement to Push Across the Finish Line

25 Mar 2024, by Sara Westbrook Share :

IAC still has priorities pending in the legislature. We need significant engagement from our members to get these bills over the finish line.

Essential, Sustainable EMS System

Senate Bill 1416, which would help create a more sustainable EMS system, passed the Senate last week on a 26-9 vote. We expected the bill to be routed to the House Health and Welfare Committee; however, it has been routed to the House State Affairs Committee. For the bill to secure a hearing in House State Affairs, we need IAC members to reach out to committee members to encourage them to support the bill. If we get enough support from the committee, we may get the Chair to hear the bill, but time is not on our side. If this bill is important to you, please contact the House State Affairs Committee to encourage their support for Senate Bill 1416 and let them know that you would like the bill to be given a hearing in House State Affairs. You can find the contact information for the House State Affairs by clicking here.

Local Bridge & Maintenance Transportation Funding

We are also still monitoring House Bill 723, which includes a third round of $200M to improve local bridges. The bill also includes $121M for the Idaho Transportation Department’s appropriation bill. The bill narrowly passed the House last week on a 35-34-1 vote. It has not been debated on the Senate floor yet, but we anticipate it may also be close in the Senate. If your county has benefited from the transportation dollars that have been coming from the state over the past few years, we highly encourage you to reach out to your senator and encourage them to support House Bill 723.