Member Portal – Risk Management on Demand… Coming Soon!

18 Dec 2020, by Kristin Cundiff Share :

ICRMP strives to develop new ways and methods to assist members with the challenges they face as governmental entities. One of our newest developments is the creation of a “members only” portal on our website. This portal will allow members to access a learning management system for online trainings and policy reviews, provide access to your insurance documents, claims submittal, and access to a wide range of risk management tools and resources.

  • Learning Management System – This new system will allow members to select and assign virtual training for employees as well as document attendance and course completion. Members will also be able to upload their own policies or documents for distribution to and acknowledgement by employees. There is a robust transcript history, allowing you to view historical records of who completed courses and policies and when completed.
  • Insurance Documents – Whether you need to obtain vehicle insurance cards, view building appraisals, or request proof of insurance, you can do it all in your member portal.
  • Claims – You will continue to have the ability to submit claims, see claim staff contact information and find answers to a myriad of frequently asked questions to help you navigate this unfortunate but essential part of your world as a public entity.
  • Risk Management Library – One of the most exciting features of the new member portal is unlimited access to a variety of risk management trainings. We have expanded our resources to include human resources, law enforcement, driving-related issues, governance, cyber threat reduction, safety and workers compensation, and we continue to develop new content.

The member portal will be live for your use by February 1, 2021.  Go to our website – – and click on the button “Member Portal” on the top of our homepage. We are excited to provide this access to you so that you can control your insurance and risk management resources on demand, when you need it. Always feel free to call us at 1-800-336-1985 or email us at