IAC Members Set Legislative Policy Priorities

6 Oct 2021, by Seth Grigg Share :

At the IAC Annual Conference, the IAC membership debated important policy matters related to county governance. This year, the membership considered eight member-initiated legislative proposals. IAC steering committees advanced seven of the eight resolutions to the full membership for consideration. After robust debate, the membership adopted the seven legislative resolutions. The adopted resolutions are:

  • IGA-01: Requesting the Governor and Legislature to fund the Idaho House and Financing Association Trust Fund to facilitate the development of more workforce housing in Idaho
  • IGA-02: Proposed legislation to remove the five-day requirement and allow counties to remit funds to the state treasurer on or before the second Tuesday after the end of the month
  • IGA-03: Proposed legislation providing the county treasurer with more flexibility to invest idle funds
  • IGA-04: Proposed legislation enacting a tax on electronic cigarettes and vaping products consistent with the current tax on cigarettes and tobacco products the proceeds of which would fund juvenile justice and tobacco cessation programs
  • IGA-05: Proposed legislation creating a county property tax relief fund through which a participating county is authorized to request voter approval for a sales and/or use tax of which 50% of the proceeds must be dedicated to property tax relief and 50% of the proceeds must be dedicated to a county project
  • JPS-02: Proposed legislation creating a state-based public defense system fully funded by the state of Idaho
  • JPS-03: Proposed legislation extending the timeframe for the county coroner to notify the county treasurer of a new case from 48 hours to 72 hours.
  • JPS-04: Proposed legislation to reduce the timeframe for a county coroner to cremate a decedent from 14 days to 10 days

In the coming weeks, the IAC Legislative Committee will convene to prioritize the adopted resolutions. Pursuant to IAC Bylaws, IAC can move forward with no more than five legislative proposals. This means that the IAC Legislative Committee will need to either consolidate or deprioritize two of the adopted proposals. Once the IAC Legislative Committee has prioritized the adopted resolutions, IAC will circulate the draft legislation and accompanying briefing sheets to the membership.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the IAC Annual Conference! IAC is a membership-driven organization. Your participation, debate, and vote shapes IAC’s legislative agenda.

To read the full resolution packet, access it here.

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