Get Involved: Support Local Gems this Friday, April 24th

20 Apr 2020, by Sara Westbrook Share :

Idaho small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and the backbone of our state’s economy. However, the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has forced widespread closures of small businesses across the Gem State, threatening livelihoods, acute job losses, and imperiling the future of local establishments across our state.

That’s why the Idaho Association of Counties has partnered with Senator Jim Risch and the Idaho Department of Commerce to participate in the “Support Local Gems” initiative.

We are inviting each county to participate as well. Click the buttons below to get your SLG press release template, email template, social media kit, and business outreach document, so you too can participate with relative ease.

On Friday, April 24th, we will have the opportunity to invite all Idahoans to find ways to support the small businesses in your community whose operations have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. April 24th will serve as an all-day celebration of the local businesses that make our communities thrive. You can participate by shopping at your favorite small businesses online, purchasing gift cards for future use (or for a loved one), ordering take-out or delivery from local restaurants, writing a review online, posting on social media about your favorite local business, or simply saying thank you to the businesses you frequent most often in your daily life. The outbreak has put many in difficult financial situations, but there are many ways to show your support that don’t necessarily need to include monetary expenditures.

Following the event and starting April 27th, Idaho Commerce and Visit Idaho will continue to promote awareness of the Support Local Gems program by sharing resources as well as the stories of Idaho communities, citizens, and small businesses on and across its social media channels. Counties are also welcome to continue highlighting local businesses across your social media channels and encourage others to do the same.

The Idaho Association of Counties is excited for this opportunity to support local businesses during this critical time. Please reach out to Sara Westbrook ( 208-695-6733) if you have any questions regarding this program and how to get involved.