IAC Advocating for Five 2024 Legislative Priorities

15 Jan 2024, by Sara Westbrook Share :

As the 2024 Idaho Legislative Session gets into full swing, we want to remind our IAC members about the legislative priorities set for the year.

Hospital Property Tax Exemption: The IAC supports reinstating the board of county commissioner’s annual hospital property tax exemption review process and adding a charitable requirement back into the exemption qualifications.

Area of Impact Agreements: The IAC endorses amendments to the Local Land Use Planning Act to enhance the effectiveness of Area of Impact Agreements, ensuring prudent and responsible land use planning.

Essential Emergency Medical Services (EMS): The IAC advocates for establishing EMS as an essential service, granting counties the authority and accountability to ensure the provision of reasonable EMS services across the county. This includes the creation of a state EMS fund to support a sustainable EMS system.

Increase 911 Fee: The IAC supports adjusting the 911 fee from up to $1 to up to $2, providing essential funding to maintain and enhance emergency response services.

Large-Scale Solar & Wind Energy Facilities Siting: IAC supports legislation to allow counties to establish a planning and zoning permit process and to have assistance from state siting teams when evaluating, approving, and siting large-scale energy projects, ensuring responsible and efficient development.

Please reach out to your legislators to advocate for these priorities by sharing how the passage would impact your counties in a positive way.