NACo High Performance Leadership Academy

6 Nov 2020, by Kristin Cundiff Share :

We would like to take this time to acknowledge the 27 Idaho county elected officials and staff members who participated in the NACo Leadership Academy, a 12-week online program that empowers front-line county government employees with fundamental leadership skills. Across the country, 2,295 county employees have participated. To learn more about the
Academy, visit the NACo website here.

Congratulations to all of these individuals who completed the program!

  • Dotti Owens, Coroner, Ada County
  • Cassandra Porter, Human Resources Manager, Ada County
  • Jessica Lewis, Commissioner, Bingham County
  • Clay Landon, IT Director, Blaine County
  • Brady Stokes, Emergency Communications Center Deputy Director, Blaine County
  • Savannah Wendeln, Deputy Clerk and Recorder, Blaine County
  • Bonnie Glazier, Technology Director, Bonner County
  • Clorissa Koster, Clerk’s Office Manager, Bonner County
  • Jessi Webster, Operations/Manager/Deputy Clerk, Bonner County
  • Leslie Van Beek, Commissioner, Canyon County
  • Jenne Jasper, IT Director, Clearwater County
  • Jolie Turek, Economic Development Director, Custer County
  • Hollie Ann Strang, Assessor, Gem County
  • Seth Grigg, Executive Director, IAC
  • Kathy Ackerman, Clerk, Idaho County
  • Jessica Roach, Assessor, Jefferson County
  • Amy Sweet, Customer Service Tech II, Kootenai County
  • Travis Taylor, System Administrator, Latah County
  • Laurel Caldwell, ITS Director, Latah County
  • Michelle Fuson, Latah County
  • Amanda Bashaw, Solid Waste, Latah County
  • Ashley Jennings, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Latah County
  • Mauri Knott, Latah County
  • Tonya Dodge, District Court Supervisor, Latah County
  • Keith Scholl, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Latah County
  • Sarah Swanson, Misdemeanor Probation Director, Latah County
  • Kammy Maughan, Treasurer, Lemhi County
  • Ann Youts, Treasurer, Lincoln County
  • Melissa VanSlochteren, Planner, Madison County
  • Randy Fairbank, Network Administrator, Nez Perce County
  • Grant Wilkins, System Administrator, Nez Perce County
  • Lon Colton, Clerk, Oneida County
  • Angela Barkell, Clerk, Owyhee County
  • Donna Peterson, Treasurer, Payette County
  • Raul Pena, IT Manager, Payette County
  • Sharee Sprague, Clerk, Power County
  • Keisha Oxendine, Prosecuting Attorney, Shoshone County
  • Greg Adams, IT Director, Teton County
  • David Crawford, IT Director, Valley County