Are You IN? IAC Annual Conference Registration Open!

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What will you miss if you don’t attend this year’s IAC Annual Conference?

The IAC Annual Conference agenda is packed with educational opportunities. From our general session topics to our steering committees to 12 different workshops, there is something for everyone at this conference. In addition to education, you have the opportunity to voice your opinion on potential legislative topics IAC will address in 2019.

Still not convinced the IAC Annual Conference is for you? Take a look at a few of our workshops and we’re sure you’ll find something that can help you improve your position as a county elected official.

Empower. Promote. Launch. How to Create a Culture of Generational Leadership Within Your Organization

In this session, we will look at becoming Legacy makers. Legacy makers are supervisors, front-line employees, and CEOs. They are entrepreneurs. They are men and women who all have one thing in common: a desire to empower, promote, and launch their employees and to create an environment where leaders are developed and are prospering. Legacy makers realize that it’s about standing up and moving forward. They understand that to leave a legacy it takes hard work, determination, and being intentional with how they interact with others. Legacy makers are leaders who are willing to be the first one through the wall and the first to acknowledge that the organization must think differently or suffer the consequences of outdated thinking. These men and women are not intimidated to take seriously the changes needed at all levels of the organization.

Twitter Basics, Guidelines, & Best Practices for Elected Officials

Twitter is a real-time information network used by millions of individuals,  organizations, and businesses to share information, commentary, descriptions of events, and highlight online and social media content. Launched in July 2006, Twitter enables users to send and read messages made up of 140 characters or less, called tweets. Tweets can be posted to Twitter via text message, mobile websites, audio, Twitter’s website, or a variety of other mobile and web applications. Twitter has an estimated 200 million users generating more than 200 million tweets a day, and the service handles over 1.6 billion search queries per day.  Learn the basics, guidelines and best uses of Twitter as an elected official.

Perils of Employing Penelope Problem: Hiring and Onboarding

Episode 1: The County needs a new employee and it faces numerous perils in the hiring and onboarding process. Watch as three fictional public officials encounter these perils and compare your employment prowess to their decisions through iClicker technology. See if you can avoid the perils and compare your response to the rest of the audience and ICRMP employment experts.



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