Interim Committees to Watch

22 Jun 2020, by Sara Westbrook Share :

The interim committees recently confirmed by the Idaho Legislative Council were recently released. Here are the committees to watch over the next six months leading into the 2021 legislative session.

According to the Idaho Legislature’s website, the 2020 Federalism Subcommittee on Federal Lands plans to monitor and review federal acts, laws, and regulations that may impact the jurisdiction, governance, and sovereignty of the state of Idaho. This will include evaluating whether these acts, laws, and regulations are authorized by the U.S. Constitution or are violating the principles of federalism.

Federalism Subcommittee on Federal Lands Members
  • Sen. Dan Johnson, Co-Chair
  • Sen. Mark Harris
  • Sen. Grant Burgoyne
  • Rep. Judy Boyle, Co-Chair
  • Rep. Sage Dixon
  • Rep. Dorothy Moon
  • Rep. Jake Ellis

A Federalism Subcommittee on Health & Welfare was also created. It is possible that discussions during this committee could focus at least in part on Medicaid Expansion. 

Federalism Subcommittee on Health & Welfare Members
  • Sen. Mark Harris, Co-Chair
  • Sen. Mary Souza
  • Sen. Abby Lee
  • Sen. David Nelson
  • Rep. Megan Blanksma, Co-Chair
  • Rep. John Vander Woude
  • Rep. Laurie Lickley

The Criminal Justice Reinvestment Oversight Committee that was authorized in 2019 will also continue. This committee is co-chaired by the chairs of the Senate and House Judiciary and Rules committees.

Criminal Justice Reinvestment Oversight Committee Members
  • Sen. Todd Lakey, Co-Chair
  • Sen. Patti Anne Lodge
  • Sen. Jeff Agenbroad
  • Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb
  • Sen. Mark Nye
  • Rep. Greg Chaney, Co-Chair
  • Rep. James Holtzclaw
  • Rep. Bryan Zollinger
  • Rep. John McCrostie
  • Rep. Melissa Wintrow

The Natural Resources Interim Committee has been reauthorized to continue from 2019. The planned scope of this committee is to undertake studies of natural resource issues, particularly the water resources in the state.

Natural Resources Interim Committee Members
  • Sen. Steve Bair, Co-Chair
  • Sen. Jim Patrick
  • Sen. Lee Heider
  • Sen. Bert Brackett
  • Sen. Michelle Stennett
  • Sen. Maryanne Jordan (Ad Hoc)
  • Rep. Marc Gibbs, Co-Chair
  • Rep. Scott Bedke
  • Rep. Mike Moyle
  • Rep. Terry Gestrin
  • Rep. Ilana Rubel
  • Rep. Megan Blanksma (Ad Hoc)
  • Rep. Britt Raybould (Ad Hoc)

A new committee called the Study of Intrastate Commercial Air Service in the State of Idaho was originally created during the 2020 legislative session to address issues occurring at the Lewiston Airport. However, due to the unforeseen fallout of COVID-19, the Legislative Council shared that the scope of this committee has altered. It will now focus on Commercial Air Service across the state. The committee only has co-chairs appointed. It will then be up to the co-chairs to appoint the other members of their committee. The additional members will likely come from the private sector, though it’s possible they will consider members from the public sector as well.

Study of Intrastate Commercial Air Service Committee Co-Chairs
  • Sen. Dan Johnson, Co-Chair
  • Rep. Caroline Troy, Co-Chair

Finally, we have the Property Taxes and Revenue Expenditures committee. This committee is dedicated to studying the current property tax system in Idaho, including expenditures of property tax revenues. This committee’s goal is to provide a recommendation addressing property tax relief for Idahoans, encouraging economic development, and meeting the needs of local units of government.

Property Taxes and Revenue Expenditures Committee Members
  • Sen. Jim Rice, Co-Chair
  • Sen. Jim Guthrie
  • Sen. Kelly Anthon
  • Sen. Scott Grow
  • Sen. Grant Burgoyne
  • Sen. Jim Woodward (Ad Hoc)
  • Rep. Jim Addis, Co-Chair
  • Rep. Mike Moyle
  • Rep. Jason Monks
  • Rep. Rod Furniss
  • Rep. Lauren Necochea
  • Rep. John Vander Woude (Ad Hoc)
  • Rep. John Gannon (Ad Hoc)

IAC will keep a close eye on all of the above-mentioned committees through-out the summer and fall to ensure we are fully prepared and informed.