Leadership Changes in the Legislature

7 Dec 2020, by Sara Westbrook Share :

The Idaho Legislature held re-organization meetings in preparation for the 2021 legislative session. In the Senate, there were two contested races. Abby Lee and Lori Den Hartog ran for Assistant Majority Leader. Lee came out on top. Chuck Winder and Dan Johnson ran for Senate Pro Tempore, the top leadership office. Winder was the victor and takes over leadership duties as the President of the Senate. Kelly Anthon was elected for Majority Leader and Mark Harris was elected to serve as Caucus Chair.

Minority leadership also experienced changes. While Michelle Stennett remains the Senate Minority Leader, Grant Burgoyne is the new Assistant Minority Leader, and Janie Ward-Engleking will serve as the new Caucus Chair.

The House had contested races for every leadership position on the majority side as well as for the assistant minority leader. Wendy Horman and Scott Bedke faced off for the Speaker of the House with Bedke declared the winner. Mike Moyle and Judy Boyle both ran for Majority Leader. Mike Moyle kept his position in that leadership post. Vito Barbieri and Jason Monks ran for Assistant Majority Leader. Monks retained the position. Megan Blanskma and Dorothy Moon ran for Caucus Chair. Blanksma won the post for a second term.

Committee Changes

With new leadership and retirements come new committee chair positions. The following are committees that IAC frequently works with on legislation. If a committee member is new to leadership an asterisk will be posted next to their names.

House Committees

Health & Welfare: Chair Wood. Vice Chair Vander Woude*. Members: Gibbs, Blansksma, Kingsley, Christensen, Lickley, Erickson, Ferch, Mitchell, Chew, Rubel, Davis.

Judiciary, Rules & Administration: Chair Chaney. Vice Chair Hartgen*. Members: Kerby, Amador, Ehardt, Scott, Marshall, Troy, Young, Nate, Cannon, Erickson, Skaug, Gannon, McCrostie, Ruchti, Nash.

Revenue & Taxation: Chair Harris*. Vice Chair Addis*. Members: Moyle, Chaney, Gestrin, Dixon, Nichols, Kauffman, Adams, Cannon, Hartgen, Manwaring, Okuniewicz, Von Ehlinger, Weber, Necochea, Ruchti.

State Affairs: Chair Crane*. Vice Chair Armstrong. Members: Palmer, Barbieri, Holtzclaw, Monks, Scott, Andrus, Young, Furniss, Hanks, Skaug, Cannon, Mathias.

Transportation & Defense: Chair Palmer. Vice Chair DeMordaunt*. Members: Gestrin, Youngblood, Dixon, Harris, Holtzclaw, Monks, Syme, Blanksma, Addis, Manwaring, Mitchell, Okuniewicz, Shepherd, Gannon, Rubel, McCrostie.

Senate Committees

Health & Welfare: Chair Martin. Vice Chair Riggs*. Members: Heider, Lee, Harris, Agenbroad, Zito, Wintrow, Rabe.

Judiciary & Rules: Chair Lakey. Vice Chair Ricks*. Members: Lodge, Lee, Anthon, Thayn, Zito, Burgoyne, Wintrow.

Local Government & Tax: Chair Rice. Vice Chair Grow. Members: Vick, Lakey, Souza, Bayer, Ricks, Nye, Rabe.

State Affairs: Chair Lodge. Vice Chair Guthrie*. Members: Winder, Anthon, Harris, Lee, Heider, Stennett, Burgoyne.

Transportation: Chair Den Hartog*. Vice Chair Woodward*. Members: Winder, Lodge, Rice, Vick, Crabtree, Nelson, Wintrow.