H. Sydney Duncombe Award For Excellence in County Government In order to promote continuing improvement in county government in the State of Idaho, and in recognition of individuals residing in this great state who have made significant contributions to the furtherance of county government, the Idaho Association of Counties’ Board of Directors established the “H. SYDNEY DUNCOMBE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN COUNTY GOVERNMENT”, in honor of Dr. H. Sydney Duncombe.

For many years Dr. Duncombe was a professor of political science and served as Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs Research for the University of Idaho. During his tenure, Dr. Duncombe taught and assisted hundreds of students and county officials, providing to all a better understanding of county and local government in Idaho.

He was the primary author of and is responsible for the publication of the “Handbook for County Elected Officials in Idaho.” He was the first director of the Idaho Division of Financial Management and created methods for improving and updating the budget and finance process for local government.