Rebecca Wood, Lincoln County
Year Elected


Summarize your background and how it relates to the position you are seeking.

Chairman of LC BOCC
Grant Writer of several million.
Small business owner
Lifetime Ag producer
Mom of 6 kids
Serving on the Governor’s Serve Idaho Committee
Magistrate Commission – seated multiple judges
Director of Lincoln County Youth Center.
My leadership positions will help me be successful in an IAC leadership position. But more importantly, my ability to see the big picture, visualize a way to success, and ability to make it happen will be of use to the board.

List participation and years of participation on any IAC Committees, the IAC Board of Directors, and any leadership positions within your affiliate organization.

I have been on several IAC committees beginning in 2015, including Public Lands, EELU, Intergovernmental Affairs, and Natural Resource Policy and Litigation Fund. I do my homework and am active. I have not been on the IAC board of directors, yet!

Briefly state your reasons for seeking the position and any other qualifications that might be an asset to IAC.

Having been in office as a commissioner for 8 years, and with 4.5 of those years as Chairman, I feel I have the skills and knowledge to be a great asset to the IAC Board, helping all elected officials in Idaho successfully serve their counties. I am also entering a 4-year term, so will have the years to commit to this position. I am a creative person who thinks outside the box, I love to write grants and work on community development projects and have been very successful in receiving those grants and completing multiple large projects. I can paint a picture and help create pathways to success for my employees and community groups. The relationship between NACo and IAC is very important, as
NACo is our link to national issues. We must be in constant communication and partnership to achieve the best outcomes for a successful Idaho. NACo programs are especially important in training, as well as teaching local Idaho officials how to apply for national funding, how to lobby and make a difference. NACo connection is essential in helping us keep PILT/SRS, and so much more! We are truly partners in everything.

List IAC/NACo/WIR events/conferences/meetings that you’ve participated in over the last four years.

WIR – Blaine County
IAC conferences – I have only missed one over the last 8 years due to a family wedding!
NACo – Pilt Fly into DC
NACo – Public Lands Committee

Do you understand the time required for this position and will you have the time available to fulfill these duties?


Will you be able to attend all the necessary meetings/conferences?


Are you prepared to fulfill the full term of this position?