A. Ben Crouch, Jerome County
Year Elected


Summarize your background and how it relates to the position you are seeking.

I’ve been a county commissioner since the 2018 election and serve on several boards. I have also served as Jerome Chamber Vice President, President, and Past President. I also have experience owning my own businesses and have a good background and knowledge of financial reports.

List participation and years of participation on any IAC Committees, the IAC Board of Directors, and any leadership positions within your affiliate organization.

I’m currently serving as the legislative alternative for our IAC district, and have served on the IAC Defense Commission Restructure Committee.

Briefly state your reasons for seeking the position and any other qualifications that might be an asset to IAC.

As the relationship of counties with the IAC is important and vital, the relationship and positive interaction with NACO is also important, especially in keeping up to date with national issues and events.

List IAC/NACo/WIR events/conferences/meetings that you’ve participated in over the last four years.

I have attended all of the IAC conferences and local regional meetings since I’ve been elected.

Do you understand the time required for this position and will you have the time available to fulfill these duties?


Will you be able to attend all the necessary meetings/conferences?


Are you prepared to fulfill the full term of this position?