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Board of Equalization Manual

The Board of Equalization Manual is intended to provide assistance to county commissioners and to ensure consistency in the Board of Equalization process statewide.

IAC Uniform Accounting and Budgeting Manual

Uniformity within an organization (counties) and between related functional organizations within a society is vital. Standards for such uniformity are prescribed by law, by regulation, by professional standards and ethics which originate in numerous and various professional organizations and associations, by the demands of the public, particularly those providing financial resources, and by administrative and management interests. The IAC Uniform Accounting and Budgeting Manual is intended to provide assistance and uniformity in setting the county budget.

Campaign Disclosure Manual

This guide has been created to aid Candidates and Political Action Committees in meeting the requirements of the Sunshine Law. It is not intended that this pamphlet be a substitute for careful study of the law itself.

CEO Handbook

This handbook (originally produced by the University of Idaho) is published by IAC, with updates every other year. It provides a concise summary of the duties and responsibilities performed by each county office and services provided by county government. This is an especially good resource for county elected officials. More details can be found by referring to sections in the Idaho Code, which are cited throughout the handbook.

County Connection

The County Connection is IAC’s e-newsletter that is emailed out every two weeks with current news for the counties.

County Government 101

County Government 101 was been a multi-year project with the goal to improve the knowledge of local government – Counties in particular. There are several unique aspects of Counties – they are created by the Idaho Constitution and serve as both an arm of the State of Idaho as well as serving its residents independently.

The goal of County Government 101 is to increase the media and general public’s knowledge of County Governments.

The purpose of County Government 101 is to educate the public as to the purpose, benefit and structure of County Government.  Often, as students, we studied the federal government as well as the structure of the state government. We learned how a bill becomes a law and that there are three branches of government. We learn the requirements to be President and the number of members of Congress and Supreme Court Justices.

However, at no point, is local government discussed or taught in any detail or depth. This course will allow you to begin the journey learning about how and why it is important to know and understand your County Government. County Government has existed prior to the formation of our Country.  In fact, every one of our countries’ founders was a County official.  They understood the importance of the government closest to the people being the most effective and efficient.

The following is a document on County Government 101 and a generic PowerPoint on County Government 101.  Both were created by Michele Chadwick when she was attending Boise State for her MPA.

Directory of County Elected Officials

Published annually, the directory is a valuable tool for anyone dealing with or wanting to contact county officials in Idaho. The directory lists the names, phone numbers, email and mailing addresses of all 396 county elected officials. It also lists Idaho’s federal and state officials, IAC board and affiliate association presidents, IAC’s committee membership, other county department contacts, associate members and staff.

IAC Membership Handbook

This publication serves as an introduction to the Idaho Association of Counties. It provides a basic overview of IAC and the benefits you receive as a member of the association. The handbook outlines the history, purpose and structure of the association, explains the policies and member services provided, gives a brief summary of the programs offered, responsibilities of the IAC staff and legislative accomplishments.

Property Tax Public Relations Guide

This booklet explains how to communicate with the media, explains how property taxes are determined, and answers frequently asked questions regarding property taxes. It is updated and printed on an as needed basis.

Property Tax Exemption User Guide

Property Exempt from Taxation 63-602NN – User Guide

A collaborative effort between the Idaho State Tax Commission, Idaho Association of Counties and Idaho Commerce

Recorder's Manual
Records Retention Manual and Schedule
Salary Survey
Legislative Review Bulletins
Oil and Gas Model Ordinance