Promoting county interests, advocating good public policy
and providing education to Idaho's county officials

Justice and Public Safety Committee

The IAC Justice and Public Safety Committee is responsible for all matters relating to criminal justice and public safety, including, but not limited to, law enforcement, courts, corrections, firearm control, criminal justice planning, crime prevention, common law and civil law matters, public safety communications, jails, and juvenile corrections and delinquency prevention.

  • Chair

    Paul Wilde
    (Bonneville County)

  • Vice Chair

    John Buck
    (Gem County)

  • IAC Staff Liaison

    Seth Grigg


Statement of Basic Responsibility

Idaho’s counties have primary responsibility in the state for providing a justice and public safety system. Counties are best suited to coordinate local criminal justice activities since all major law enforcement agencies are located within county boundaries.  Counties have primary responsibility in planning, coordinating and establishing priorities in allocating resources since they are faced with increased law enforcement and jail costs and additional standards imposed by the courts.  Counties have an obligation to exercise a strong leadership role in planning and problem solving at the local level.  It is essential that a partnership exist with other governmental entities to achieve success in meeting the needs of the justice system.


Court Fees and Fines

IAC opposes the establishment of any additional court fees or fines proposed to fund non-court programs unless sufficient money is returned to the county to offset the cost of operation.  However, IAC strongly supports the use of fines and fees for the cost of providing the Peace Officer Standards and Training program, including the existing fee and any future fee increases.

Child Support Collection Laws

IAC strongly supports state responsibility for child support enforcement.

Court Reporters

IAC supports the requirement that court reporters type their own transcripts as part of their salaries and acknowledge that the county owns the transcript.

Federal Peace Officers

IAC opposes legislation which defines federal peace officers as Idaho peace officers.

Law Clerk Salaries/Trial Court Administrators

IAC supports legislation that requires the state to pay the salaries and benefits of law clerks as employees as district court judges.  In addition, IAC supports legislation that would require the state to pay the salaries, benefits and support costs for the support staff of the trial court administrators’ offices.


IAC supports the funding and encourages the Idaho Supreme Court to designate funding to update Idaho State Tracking and Reporting System (ISTARS) and continue to furnish equipment and training for counties that supports improved technology.

Court Assistance Office

IAC supports the creation of the Court Assistance Office program funded by the state and the efforts to improve courthouse accessibility.

Jury System

IAC supports efforts to improve the jury system in Idaho.


Minimum Jail Standards

IAC supports the Minimum Jail Standards adopted by the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association and each county. IAC also supports the annual update of those standards to keep with current practices as long as the updated standards are financially feasible.

State Inmates

Since state inmates housed in county jails continue to pose a significant fiscal impact, staffing and liability burden on counties, IAC recommends the following:

  1. The state recognizes county fiscal problems and makes all efforts to adequately fund the Department of Corrections in order that counties receive timely reimbursement for holding state prisoners at a reasonable rate.
  2. IAC supports and encourages the Department of Corrections to remove all problem state prisoners from county jails upon notice by the county.

Privatization of State Prisons

IAC opposes privatization of state prisons until all opportunities for county partnerships have been fully explored, including maximizing the use of state-funded program beds in county jails.


Name County
Dotti Owens Ada County Coroner
Jim Tibbs Ada County Commissioner
Lorin Nielsen Bannock County Sheriff
Angenie McCleary Blaine County Commissioner
Jacob Greenberg Blaine County Commissioner
JoLynn Drage Blaine County Clerk
Dan Blocksom Boise County Prosecuting Attorney
Pam Garlock Boise County Coroner
Glen Bailey Bonner County Commissioner
Penny Manning Bonneville County Clerk
Shelly Shaffer Butte County Clerk
Tracie Lloyd Canyon County Treasurer
Paul Christensen Cassia County Commissioner
Pamela Barrett Clark County Clerk
John Smith Clearwater County Commissioner
Wayne Butts Custer County Commissioner
Bill Baxter Fremont County Commissioner
J'Lene Cherry Fremont County Treasurer
Lee Miller Fremont County Commissioner
Jordon Stoddard Fremont County Commissioner
Len Humphries Fremont County Sheriff
John Buck Gem County Coroner
Denise Gill Gooding County Clerk
Helen Edwards Gooding County Commissioner
Colleen Poole Jefferson County Clerk
Jim Brannon Kootenai County Clerk
Henrianne Westberg Latah County Clerk
Alesia Winner Lewis County Clerk
Zachary Pall Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney
Jon Weber Madison County Commissioner
Kent McClellan Minidoka County Commissioner
Angie Barkell Owyhee County Clerk
Donna Peterson Payette County Treasurer
Betty Dressen Payette County Clerk
Bill Lasley Power County Commissioner
Kristina Glascock Twin Falls County Clerk
Debbie Kauffman Twin Falls County Treasurer
Patti Bolen Valley County Sheriff
Betty Thomas Washington County Clerk