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H391 – Assessment Error Notice Date 01/23/2018 Property

This bill relates to the Tax Commission duties in relation to the errors in its assessment of operating property. The proposed change is in the Tax Commission deadline for notifying county auditors and tax collectors of such errors and providing corrections to the operating property roll. This will provide more time for the counties to correct any errors and calculate the proper tax levies.

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Idaho State Tax Commission NOT YET A BILL None
H390 – Assessment Roll Abstracts 01/23/2018 Property

This bill relates to the administration of property taxes. This change would remove the requirement that county auditors deliver the abstracts of property tax rolls to the State Tax Commission via “certified mail.”

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Idaho State Tax Commission NOT YET A BILL None
H386 – Elections Records Retention 01/23/2018 Elections

This legislation clarifies how long certain election records are kept, and designates the statewide voter registration database, maintained by the Secretary of State and accessed by the counties as the official register of electors.

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Secretary of State's Office NOT YET A BILL None
S1224 – Medicaid Expansion 01/19/2018 Public Health

This bill directs the Department of Health and Welfare to change their definition of Medicaid eligibility to include all individuals whose income is below 138% of the Federal Poverty level. The purpose of this legislation is to provide access to medical care for approximately 78,000 Idahoans, most of whom are employed in full-time work but earn too little to obtain health insurance on Your Health Idaho, the state-based health insurance exchange. This is expected to have a positive impact on the health and productivity of our citizens by increasing access to health care. It will unburden our economy by reducing bankruptcies due to uncovered medical expenses. It will reduce recidivism since many released prisoners currently have no access to medical care. Finally, it will reduce government by eliminating the need for county indigent programs and the State Catastrophic Health Cost payment program.

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Maryanne Jordan Senate - Health & Welfare $42,000,000
S1220 – Sales Tax Distribution 01/19/2018 Taxation

Section 63-3638, Idaho Code, governs the distribution of sales tax revenue to various agencies and entities. This bill amends section 63-3638, Idaho Code, to more clearly articulate the established process for distributing the sales tax revenue.

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Idaho State Tax Commission Senate - Local Government and Taxation None
H0369 – Roadless Rule Commission 01/18/2018 Public Lands

This bill would codify the existing Idaho Roadless Rule Implementation Commission that has been operating pursuant to executive order for the last decade. See Exec. Order 2014-5. Idaho’s inventoried roadless areas (“IRAs”) consist of nearly 9.3 million acres of national forest lands. These roadless areas provide pristine habitat for native wildlife and also provide a significant benefit to Idaho’s economy. In 2008, Idaho successfully petitioned the federal government to adopt an Idaho-specific roadless rule, which was distinct from the Clinton administration’s one-size-fits-all rule, known as the 2001 Roadless Rule. The Idaho Roadless Rule was developed collaboratively and relied heavily on the local expertise and knowledge at the county level. The rule withstood several legal challenges since its promulgation and was upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2013. Jayne v. Sherman, 706 F.3d 994 (9th Cir. 2013). The Idaho Roadless Rule contemplates the existence of a state-based commission that reviews U.S. Forest Service projects proposed within inventoried roadless areas. Pursuant to a memorandum of understanding between the U.S. Forest Service and the State, the national forests in Idaho are required to consult with the commission prior to implementing a project within a roadless area. Because of the breadth of knowledge and expertise on the commission, the Forest Service follows the commission’s guidance.

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Office of the Governor House - Resources and Conservation None
H0365 – Liquor Fund Distribution to Community Colleges 01/17/2018 Education

The proposed legislation would amend Section 23-404, Idaho Code, increasing the distribution from the Liquor Account to the Community College Account from $600,000 to $800,000. Currently, the monies transferred to the Community College Account are equally divided and then distributed to the three community colleges. With the addition of a fourth community college, the College of Eastern Idaho, the FY 2019 allocation to each community college would decrease by $50,000, resulting in four equal allocations of $150,000. Increasing the distribution amounts from $600,000 to $800,000 will allow all four community colleges to receive the current allocation rate of $200,000 each. The Liquor Account is created through Section 23-401, Idaho Code, and consists of revenues derived from sales of alcoholic beverages and other merchandise, excise taxes, licenses, permits, fees, profits on sales, sales of properties, buildings, plants, apparatus, real estate, and securities acquired by or through the moneys belonging to the Liquor Account. Funds in the Liquor Account first cover the expenses and operations of the Liquor Division. The remaining funds are then evenly divided into two pools for distribution. The first pool is distributed to the Community College Account, Substance Abuse Treatment Fund, Public School Income Fund, Cooperative Welfare Account, and the Drug and Mental Health Court Supervision Fund based on amounts specified in Section 23-404, Idaho Code. The balance is then distributed to the General Fund. The second pool is divided between cities and counties, with 60% to cities and 40% to counties.

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Office of the State Board of Education House - State Affairs $200,000
H0338 – Idaho Health Care Plan 01/16/2018 Public Health

This legislation allows the Department of Insurance director to implement a 1332 State Innovation Waiver to allow individuals 0-100% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to apply for Advanced Payment of Tax Credits and purchase private health insurance on Idaho’s Health Insurance Exchange (YHI). This legislation also allows the Department of Health and Welfare (Department) to implement an 1115 Waiver to cover individuals with medically complex conditions in accordance with Department rule for individuals under the age of 65 whose income does not exceed the limit to qualify for a tax credit on the Health Insurance Exchange, who are not otherwise eligible for another Medicaid program, and who do not have access to employer-sponsored coverage.

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Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and Idaho Department of Insurance House - Health & Welfare $100,779,300
H0337 – Behavioral Health Boards 01/16/2018 Behavioral Health

The intent of this legislation is to add definitions for supportive services, peer support specialist, family support partner, and recovery coach for implementation of community family support and recovery support services as defined in section 39-3135(7e), Idaho Code; to add prevention representation to the board and state planning council membership; and to remove language in section 39-3134, Idaho Code related to initial appointment of Regional Behavioral Health Board members that is no longer needed now that boards have been established and add county commissioner representation to appointing authority.

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Idaho Department of Health and Welfare House - Health & Welfare None