Promoting county interests, advocating good public policy
and providing education to Idaho's county officials

Idaho Sheriffs Association

2017-18 Officers

  • President

    Kieran Donahue
    (Canyon County)

  • 1st Vice President

    Ben Wolfinger
    (Kootenai County)

  • 2nd Vice President

    Craig Rowland
    (Bingham County)

  • Immediate Past President

    Len Humphries
    (Fremont County)

  • Secretary

    Richard Skiles
    (Latah County)

The Role of the County Sheriff

The Idaho Constitution (Article 18, Section 6) and state law (31-2001 and 31-2003) establish the office of sheriff, authorize sheriffs to appoint deputies and clerical assistants.  Sheriffs are elected to serve four-year terms.  The structure of the office of county sheriff could change if a county chooses to adopt an optional form of county government.  The powers and duties of the sheriff may be organized into the following categories:

  1. Police powers
  2. Jail-keeping powers
  3. Powers as officer of the court and process server
  4. Drivers’ licensing
  5. Other miscellaneous powers such as the duty to return to the state fugitives from justice through extradition proceedings

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