Promoting county interests, advocating good public policy
and providing education to Idaho's county officials

Idaho Association of Commissioners and Clerks

2019-20 Board of Directors

  • President

    Lon Colton
    (Oneida County)

  • Vice President

    Mark ReKow
    (Gem County)

  • Secretary / Treasurer

    Jack Johnson
    (Twin Falls County)

  • Immediate Past President

    Jon Weber
    (Madison County)

The Role of the County Commissioner

Currently, a three-member board of county commissioners is the governing body in each Idaho county. Two county commissioners are elected every four years – one for a two-year term and one for a four-year term (Article 18, Section 10). Commissioners are both the executive and legislative body for the county. A board of county commissioners has a number of responsibilities spread throughout Idaho Code and generally can act only as a body rather than as individual commissioners. (See IAC’s County Elected Official Handbook for more detailed information.) Commissioners may appoint an administrative assistant or appoint a member of the commission to act as the administrator (31-818), but cannot appoint deputies unlike other county officials.

The Role of the County Clerk

Constitutional and statutory laws have given this one elective county officer five distinct titles: clerk of the district court, auditor, recorder, clerk of the board of county commissioners and chief elections officer of the county. The Idaho Constitution establishes the position of clerk of the district court and provides for the election of this position every four years (Article 5, Section 16). A separate section of the state constitution provides that the clerk of the district court shall be ex-officio auditor and recorder (Article 18, Section 6). State law provides that the clerk of the district court be ex-officio auditor, recorder and clerk of the board of county commissioners (31-2001 and 34-112). In addition, the election laws specify that “County Clerk” means clerk of the district court in the electoral process (34-112).

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Year Name Position County
2018-2019 Jon Weber Commissioner Madison
2017-2018 Dan Dinning Commissioner Boundary
2016-2017 Kathy Ackerman Clerk Idaho
2015-2016 Greg Shenton Commissioner Clark
2014-2015 Todd Smith Commissioner Madison
2013-2014 Shelly Tilton Clerk Gem
2012-2013 Kathy Alder Commissioner Canyon
2011-2012 Bill Brown Commissioner Adams
2010-2011 Glenda Poston Clerk Boundary
2009-2010 Steve Hadley Commissioner Bannock
2008-2009 Larry Mickelsen Clerk Cassia
2007-2008 Lin Hintze Commissioner Custer
2006-2007 Lee Staker Commissioner Bonneville
2005-2006 Patty Weeks Clerk Nez Perce
2004-2005 Paul Kimmell Commissioner Latah
2003-2004 Bruce Dredge Commissioner Caribou
2002-2003 Larry Ghan Clerk Bannock
2001-2002 Valerie Hoybjerg Commissioner Power
2000-2001 Todd Lakey Commissioner Canyon
1999-2000 Brad Smith Commissioner Franklin
1998-1999 Dennis Maughan Commissioner Twin Falls
1997-1998 Marcia Wingfield Clerk Shoshone
1996-1997 Jerry Bush Commissioner Oneida
1995-1996 Vernon Bisterfeldt Commissioner Ada
1994-1995 Rose Gehring Clerk Idaho
1993-1994 Ervin Hill Commissioner Nez Perce
1992-1993 Ethel Peck Clerk Custer
1991-1992 George Enneking Commissioner Idaho
1990-1991 Carolyn Meline Commissioner Bannock